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Overgenes is a company whose main goal is to put at the service of people the latest advances in health prevention with the most innovative genetic products on the market.

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All our products have the greatest scientific validation. They are designed to give you accurate information about your genetics to achieve personalized guidelines that make you live better.

Optimize your diet, lifestyle, health habits, obtain the best sport performance and customize what medicines you can or cannot take are just some of the advantages that our products will bring.

Myi3 is indicated for the early detection of the three most common food intolerances: gluten, lactose and fructose.

MySport test is designed to provide you accurate information to design nutritional and sport plans that make you reach the best records and prevent injuries.

MyDiet test will give you accurate information for weight loss and health maintenance along with healthy lifestyle habits.

The goal of the My Supplements test is to tell you, based on your genetics, which supplements and vitamins will help you feel better in your daily activities, in a much more precise and personalized way.

Liver detoxification test. Liver detoxification is a very important function. It is a function aimed at metabolising and eliminating all toxic products, both those produced by the body itself and those coming from outside.

Genetic test to determine your genetic predisposition to develop diabetes, as well as your pharmacogenetic compatibility with the most commonly used drugs for this disease.

MyPharma is a pharmacogenetic test that gives information about metabolism, dose and toxicity of medicines that will allow your doctor to customize the treatment that best suits you.

MyPharma Pain is a pharmacogenetic test that provides information on the metabolisation, dosage and toxicity of pain relief drugs.

MyPharma Onco is a pharmacogenetic test that provides information on the metabolisation, dosage and toxicity of drugs used in cancer treatment.

Scientific Quality

We are firmly committed to Scientific Quality. For this reason, we carry out intense R+D+i activities to obtain new-generation genetic tests that are validated, accurate and highly actionable.

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