DNA test

and microbiota

Science at the
service of people

DNA test

and microbiota

Science at the
service of people

From DNA to Data, Data to Health
The Genetic Analysis and Microbiota Revolution

What makes us unique is our DNA, the genetic information in our genes. Although most of it is identical, 0.1% differs between each of us. These small differences are responsible for the individual characteristics of each person.

A DNA test can be used to obtain an individual genetic profile, i.e. personalised information on associations between genes and individual characteristics.

This genetic analysis contains information with high impact on the health and well-being of each individual, improving prediction and accuracy in treatment for a wide variety of conditions and disease prevention. Among others, it allows to:

  • Take personalised therapeutic action.
  • Personalise nutritional and sports plans.
  • Determine genetic predisposition to diseases
  • Predict efficacy and adverse reactions of drug treatments.

Overgenes also has intestinal microbiota tests with the most advanced analysis technology on the market in which the presence or absence of multiple microorganisms associated with different pathologies, protection against diseases or with beneficial properties for health are analysed.

The result of the Overgenes microbiota test allows, through a treatment based on supplements, prebiotics or probiotics, to correct the microbiota in weeks or a few months, obtaining a substantial improvement in the state and health, even allowing to modify the community associated with its old microbiota with predisposition to diseases and changing it into a protective microbiota against them

Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated. Science, for me, gives a partial explanation of life. It is based on fact, experience and experiment.

Get to know our services

To know the genetic profile in order to take actions, therapeutic or preventive measures to achieve better results in the health of patients.

Detect predisposition to disease and take preventive measures to delay or mitigate the onset of disease.

Personalise habits and treatments for diseases or conditions.

To know the imbalance of the intestinal microbiota in order to be able to relate it to the symptoms and guide the specialist in prescribing the best treatment.

How we work

We are the provider of the most advanced genetic products with the greatest applicability and clinical utility for specialists and healthcare professionals.

1. Contact with us

Our team will support you about the products available and the process of operation.

2. Sample collection

We will provide you with the devices and instructions for taking the sample. In this link you can see how it is done.

3. Analysis and processing

After the analysis in the laboratory where the sequencing and genotyping is performed, we process the results with our algorithms and issue personalised results .

4. Delivery of results

We have our own web platform where you will have access to your private area and you will be able to operate online and securely. You can access them in our private area.

5. Personalise your treatments

It improves the service in a precise and personalised way, prevents the onset of diseases and improves the health of patients.

Scientific quality

At Overgenes we are committed to scientific quality, evidence and the utmost rigour.

We carry out intense R&D&I activities to obtain the best new generation genetic products that are validated, precise and highly actionable.

Optimising diet, lifestyle, healthier habits, better performance, personalising pharmacological treatments, preventing diseases or acting in an actionable way are just some of the advantages provided by our genetic products.

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