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Personalized medicine

In a broad sense, it is the medicine adapted to each individual. Therapies are designed to the specific characteristics of each patient.

The genome and the environment, are responsible for the phenotype of the individual. However, the influence of the environment is more difficult to identify.


Pharmacogenetics analyze the genetic variability in relation to the response to a medicine in order to optimize its safety and efficacy.

Having this genetic information helps determine the most appropriate medicine for each patient, adjusting more accurate and personalized doses for the therapies, increasing effectiveness and avoiding adverse reactions.

This becomes particular significance in those cases that, due to the severity of the disease, it is crucial to ensure the correct therapy minimizing the risk for high toxicity.

What is MyPharma Genetics test for?

This test is used to determine the presence/absence of genetic risk variants associated with a wide variety of medications. This genetic information allows to know:

  • What medication and/or at what dose offers the best therapeutic benefits.
  • Which medication and/or at what dose is less likely to develop adverse reactions

Who is MyPharma genetics aimed at?

To all people who are going to receive a pharmacological therapy included in the test, and to those people who are already under therapy with symptoms of adverse reactions and/or an inefficient response.

What does MyPharma Genetics test analyze?

The test analyzes genetic markers involved in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a wide variety of medicines.

Specifically, the responsible genes of the transportation, activity, and metabolism of medicines.

This analysis allows knowing genetic aspects of the variability in response to medicines for:

  • Oncology (colon, gastric, breast, uterine, ovarian and lung cancer)
  • Inflammation, rheumatology, immunosuppression
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Infectious diseases
  • Analgesia
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Others


Test de medicina personalizada - MyPharma Genetics

Available versions of MyPharma Genetics

MyPharma Genetics is available in two versions to offer a specific interpretation according to the group of needs of each patient:

  • MyPharma: It includes the main medicines used in cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases, inflammatory process, rheumatology, immunosuppression, neuropsychiatry, analgesia and others.
  • MyPharma Onco: It includes the main medicines used in the colon, gastric, breast, ovarian, uterine and lung cancer.

Introducing MyPharma Genetics

  • It helps establish a more effective and safer pharmacological treatment since it allows characterizing the response of the patient to a wide variety of medicines.
  • A genetic test that determines the presence/absence of problematic genetic variants associated with a wide variety of medicines.
  • MyPharma Genetics is a non invasive test. The extraction of the DNA is obtained by buccal swab, completely painless and suitable for anyone.
  • MyPharma Genetics only needs to be performed once as genetics do not change over a lifetime.
  • MyPharma Genetics analyzes genetic markers with a level of scientific evidence equal to or greater than 2.
  • Innovative technology that offer higher robustness and accuracy in the analysis.
  • Results of MyPharma Genetics test are made available within 20 days.
MyPharma Genetics
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Test de medicina personalizada - MyPharma Genetics

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