What does MySport test analyse?

MySport test analyses genetic markers involved in:

  • Muscle development
  • Endurance capacity
  • Hydration capacity
  • Folic acid levels
  • Predisposition to oxidative stress
  • Response to inflammation
  • Predisposition to injuries
  • Maximum strength, power and speed
  • Predisposition to accumulate fats
  • Factors that affect the control of appetite and satiety
  • Ability to burn fat

Why MySport ?

MySport Genetics test provides effective and accurate information to develop training plans, to reduce the risk of injury and to define a dietary plan specific to the user.

The result is a personalized optimal sport performance strategy.

Who is MySport for?

The genetic profile of each individual does not change throughout life so the test can be performed by anyone wishing to obtain a personalized strategy to maximize sports performance. It is recommended that the assessment and interpretation of the results be carried out by a specialist, since there are physiological conditions and diseases that should be considered and integrated into the personalized dietary-sports plan.

What is MySport?

Both sports training and proper nutrition require effort, but this effort does not offer the same rewards to each individual as we all react differently. We are all different because our DNA is different.

Although most of our genetic material is identical, a small proportion differs between us, but these characteristics are not only attributable to the genetic heritage, environmental conditions also modulate our features.

Knowing in advance what diet and what training is going to adjust more to us, will further increase the probability of success and make that the effort invested profitably.


Areas that define the genetic profile of sport performance

Athletic potential

In sport, and particularly in high-performance sport, understanding your genetic profile is an important factor in ensuring a training program, that is adapted to your current level of physical activity, as well as optimised in accordance with your personal exercise and fitness goals.

Sport nutrition

The choice of an approriate diet to accompany the physical exercise aspects of a training program is critical as we all have different sensitivity to nutritional intake, such as fat and carbohydrates.

Introducing the MySport test

  • MySport is a genetic test to determine the genetic profile related to sports performance in order to achieve fitness and sporting goals.
  • MySport is a non invasive test. The DNA is obtained from a saliva sample, it is completely painless and is suitable for any person of any age.
  • MySport requires only a single test, as genetics do not change throughout life.
  • MySport analyses the genetic markers with scientific evidence that are useful to adapt diet and training plan recommendations.
  • Innovative technology for greater precision and depth in the results.
  • Once the sample has been received in the laboratory, you will receive your results within 20 days.

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